Taba is mostly known as the border point between Egypt and Israel. Its popularity as a resort town destination is not as high as the rest of South Sinai. However it is home to some stunning resort hotels, beautiful beaches and a historic castle.

The Taba Heights area first opened in 2005 and it is home to several 4 and 5 Star Resorts, even a championship golf course and Taba Marina.

From Taba Marina there are daily tourist fast ferries to Aqaba in Jordan, for Day Trips to Petra or longer trips to Jordan (maximum of 7 days allowed).

The Taba Heights

was developed with a ‘town centre’  hub based around the resort hotels, it has a main shopping area with restaurants and some entertainment. As it is above sea level the view from Taba Heights is stunning, from here you can see Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the distance.

One of the most important places for visitors is Pharaohs Island which is just a few kilometers from the shore and accessible by a short 15 minute ferry ride. This island is home to the Sallah El Din Citadel, the oldest remaining fortress and castle on the Red Sea coast. This citadel has been recently resorted and re-opened to the public. Around Pharaohs Island is also a beautiful coral reef, which provides excellent snorkeling but you should snorkel here with a guide as some of the coral is in shallow water here. A very nice day out for anyone who wants to see a mix of history with stunning scenery and beautiful marine life.

 Taba There are also several dinner cruises leaving from this small jetty at sunset which sails for a few hours around around Pharaohs Island and in Gulf of Aqaba. Taba Heights also features a championship golf course which has views of three countries from its highest points.

Just a few kilometers north you will find the main area of Taba which is mostly just a few resort hotels with a few shops and cafes. The town itself really is not much to look at, but the beaches are beautiful as are the views.

The Taba Border is about 1 kilometer from the Taba Hilton Hotel (being the oldest hotel in the area built in the  early 1980’s),  this is the crossing point between Egypt and Israel and marks the end of the Eastern coastal strip of South Sinai.

The Highlights in Taba

  • Taba Heights
  • Pharaohs Island
  • Sallah El Din Citadel
  • Day Trips to Petra in Jordan
  • Fyord Bay

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