Nuweiba and Tarabin

Nuweiba is located on the red sea coast of East Sinai, between Taba and Dahab. The overall size of Nuweiba is very large as it is spread over a wide area from Ras Shatan in Tarabin, down South to the Mozina section of Nuweiba. There is a town centre located between the two main areas.  Originally both were villages in their own right, lived in by the Tarabin tribe and the Mozina tribes and income was mostly from fishing before the port arrived in the Mozina part of Nuweiba. Nuweiba has a significant port which received regular ferries daily from Aqaba Jordan. The ferries are for people (there are slow and fast ferries) and for transportation of goods and freight

NuweibaThe area has much stunning scenery, with a backdrop of mountains on the Sinai side. There is an area north of the ferry port (about 2 kilometers) which is home to a sand dune area with soft white sands and an alternative Eco system.

North of Nuweiba the stunning beaches of Ras Shatan are very popular amongst the more adventurous travelers. From the Nuweiba coast line stunning views across the Red Sea towards Saudi Arabian and Jordan can be seen, with the red mountains from these countries in the distance.

There is a large variety of accommodation options in Nuweiba, ranging from basic Bedouin camps which are huts made from palm leaves, wood and sometimes Bamboo, then you have 4 and 5 Star luxury resorts based closer to the south of Nuweiba near the port area.

Drive north from here and you will find rows and rows of Bedouin camps on the coast line, most appear empty and deserted.  You can drive along the coast for many kilometers as the road hugs the mountains and see more camps next to the sea. The drive is about 20 kilometers before you get to Ras Shatan.

Around the castle beach area you will find some lovely beaches and it was here that the remains of an old fortress was found, although there is not much to actually see. Close to here you will find Castle Zamman, which is a made made castle and offers a nice place for tourists to enjoy their day with stunning views from above the mountain overlooking the castle beach area. It features a pool, bar and serves specialty slow cooked food. It is worth a visit if you are in the region.

If you continue along the coast line towards Ras Shatan you will find more beautiful beaches, empty Bedouin camps, stunning scenery at every turn. The coastal road continues North to Taba.

The Town Centre of Nuweiba

Nuweiba town centre can be a bit of a disappointment to visitors.  Since the town has suffered huge reduction in tourist numbers you will find this town centre very quiet and not so impressive. However there are a few tourist shops, some restaurants, coffee shops and small grocery stores. Dr Kebab is a great Kebab shop, serving excellent meals at good prices and seems to be the most lively place in the whole of Nuweiba.

There is also an administrative area of Nuweiba where you will find the court house with its pyramid style roof and the new hospital and government buildings close by.

Nuweiba is now renamed ‘old Dahab’ as it has the old laid back charm of Dahab, with its peaceful and quiet beaches and rustic hut style accommodation. What a contrast from Sharm El Sheikh just 180 kilometers away. Here you will find no night life, no big glitzy neon signs, just quiet relaxation on the Red Sea Coast.

Diving and Snorkeling in Nuweiba

Nuweiba has several dive sites which are good for snorkelers and divers. One of the best is Stone House Reef which has easy shore access. Many of the Bedouin camps have nice house reef area’s with easy to access coral gardens. Very experienced Divers may find Nuweiba a little disappointing, however since it is less dived you usually find a lot more fish around the Nuweiba reefs than you do in Dahab sometimes.

While in Nuweiba it is worth going for a dive or snorkel from the beach of the Dolphin Camp. Dolphins have been spotted off the coast here and the camp owner can tell many stories about the dolphins in the area.

Towards Taba

The coastal road from Nuweiba to Taba about 80 kilometers  in total and on the way there are some more beautiful sites to see and admire. One of the most stunning points along this coast line is the Fjord. Where the mountains drop into the sea and a beautiful small bay has been formed, with very turquoise water. It is one of the most beautiful spots in this area. You should spend a few hours here, you can snorkel or dive in the bay and there is a cafe on the top of the mountain where you can admire the stunning views.

Places not to miss in Nuweiba and towards Taba

  • The Sand Dunes
  • Ras Shatan
  • The Fjord
  • Castle Zamman
  • Habiba Organic Farms
  • The Coloured Canyon

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