Dahab is one of the most alternative of Egypt’s tourist resort towns. It was originally a Bedouin fishing village, which was established around a natural oasis close to the shore line. This area is now the modern day Dahab bay.  Dahab means gold in Arabic and although no one knows exactly why it was named gold, there are many different theories and explanations.

DahabDahab is stunning and is an eclectic mix of Bedouin, Arabian, Egyptian and European styles. The views from most parts of the town are amazing, from the coast line you can clearly see the Red Mountains of Saudi Arabia from across the Red Sea.  Mountains surround the town limiting its total size and development. Dahab is much less touristic than Sharm El Sheikh but also a bit more lively than Nuweiba.  Dahab has been nicknamed ‘The Goa of the Red Sea’ and ‘The Pearl of Sinai’, and although the developments have changed much the character of the town it still retains its laid back and alternative vibe, although it is less hippy than is was some 20 years ago.

Dahab Today

Dahab is today a more relaxing holiday option to Sharm El Sheikh, as it is quieter and more peaceful and it offers a little more luxury option than Nuweiba.

Dahab is spread over a relatively small area of coast line when compared to Sharm El Sheikh or Nuweiba. Although Dahab has also been expanding like the other resort towns. The main area is focused along about 5 kilometers of coast line. Making Dahab the only resort town in South Sinai that you can really walk around!

Dahab Areas

Dahab consists of 4 main areas Assalah, Masbat, Mashraba and Lagoona (Dahab City). Most of the coastline is accessible to all by a beach promenade walk way which runs from the Eel Garden Dive Site to the Islands at Lagoona. One of the most famous places to visit in Dahab is the Blue Hole which is famed for its depth and its amazing reef. This is located to the North of the town about 10 kilometers (15 minutes by car).

One of the key differences between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh is that Dahab has experienced gradual growth and very little town planning. So Dahab features different types of buildings in different styles, small businesses, and small unique hotels and locally owned camps. Cosmetically Dahab is not as attractive as Sharm El Sheikh but that adds to the charm of Dahab.  Dahab is more inspirational and you will never know what you will find around the next corner.

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