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Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed is a beautiful nature reserve at the southern tip of the Sinai Pensinsula . Home to a thousand-odd species of fish as well as 150 types of coral, it is a spectacular destination for snorkellers and divers alike. Is is also home to plenty of terrestrial wildlife including foxes, reptiles and resident and migratory birds. There are a variety of beaches and beauty spots to choose from, as well as an informative visitor centre, a monumental work of art and a few observation points offering panoramic views.


We leave Dahab at 8am and drive for two hours to the Ras Mohammed visitor centre, where you can find out more about the park and listen to a short introductory talk by one of the park rangers. A footpath from the terrace of the visiotr centre takes you to a fossilised coral reef that is approximately 60,000 years old.
Our first snorkelling spot is Marsa Ghoslane, a sandy-bottomed bay which is ideal for both beginners and advanced snorkellers. You can choose to stay for up to an hour.
After a brief stop at the monumental gate, designed and built in reinforced concrete by Egyptian artists, Aki Azzam, we drive to Shark Observatory Bay. This balcony is 55 metres above sea level and afford wonderful views over the park. We stop here for about an hour, and you may decide to have lunch.
Our second snorkelling spot is Yolanda Bay, named after the South African ship that was wrecked here in the 1970s. You can choose to stay for up to an hour.
After leaving Yolanda Bay we drive to the mangrove channel, which is the best place in the park to view resident and migratory birds such as herons, storks and ospreys. We stop her for about 30 minutes.
At about 2pm or 3pm we head back to Dahab. You can choose to stop at the Old Market in Sharm El Sheikh to do some shopping or have some food on the way back to Dahab.

Price Includes:

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  • Transportation, entrance fees and drinking water
  • Snorkelling equipment


Price Excludes:

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  • Lunch $10 per person.




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Ras Mohamed Day Tour

110 $

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30 $


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A guide can be arranged for inexperienced snorkellers. $25 for the group.

A full Egypt Visa is required for visiting Ras Mohamed