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White Canyon

One of the most beautiful canyons in Sinai, the White Canyon is a water-carved sandstone chute with dramatic cliffs rising up to 25m high. There are panoramic views of the oasis of Ein Hudra from the end of the canyon.

The Oasis of Ein Hudra

Situated at the foot of huge red cliffs, the lush Oasis of Ein Hudra is an ideal location for pausing to rest and recuperate. Bedouin families have been growing a range of plants and herbs, husbanding date palms, and grazing livestock here for centuries.


Morning: we meet at 8am and drive to the high observation point of Wadi Ghazala for a short break to appreciate the panorama. We continue driving and meet our cameleers and their camels at the entrance to the White Desert area. After about 30 minutes trekking on the camels we reach the entrance to the White Canyon, where you can descend and proceed on foot, or continue on the camel.

Lunch: the canyon descends from the dry desert to the lush Oasis of Ein Hudra where we stop for lunch and give our camels a break.

Afternoon: we mount our camels and ride for about 25 mins until we reach an old, very steep path that was used by pilgrims in the fourth century to travel between St Catherine’s and Jerusalem. We dismount for the climb, which is more than worth the effort when you see panoramic views of the oasis unfolded before you. After a short trip to see the famous Rock of Inscriptions, where Nabateans, Greeks, Romand, Byzantines and Crusaders have all left their mark, we mount our camels again for a short, 10 minute ride back to the road. We bid farewell to our camels, and drive back to Dahab

Price Includes:

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  • Transportation
  • Guide and camels
  • Picnic lunch and drinking water




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White Canyon Camel Safari


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