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Luxor has been a favourite tourist destination ever since Nile steamers began calling at the former site of Thebes in the nineteenth century. The city is sometimes called ‘the world’s greatest open air museum’ because the concentration of monuments in the area is simply overwhelming. The ruins of the massive temple complex of Karnak and the elegant temple complex of Luxor lie within the boundaries of the modern city, whilst across the Nile, on the West Bank, the Theban Necropolis boasts amazing tombs and mortuary temples.

Luxor is one of Egypt’s greatest treasures, with its wealth of monumental edifices testifying to the greatest of the country’s past.


Pick up at 3.30am (tbc) and drive to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. Board a one hour flight to Luxor, arriving early morning. Begin the day with a visit to the West Bank, including the Valley of the Queens, the Temple of Queen Hatsheput, the Colossi of Memnon and the Alabaster Factory.

We then take a short motorboat trip to the East Bank, where we pause for lunch.
We then visit the Karnack Temple in the early afternoon, allowing time for shopping in the later part of the afternoon. We drive to Luxor airport early evening and arrive back at Sharm El Sheikh airport at approximately 9pm. You are then driven back to your hotel.

Price Includes:

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  • Transfers to airports
  • Flights
  • Guided tour with a/c van
  • Entrance fees and lunch




1 Pax

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6 Pax

Luxor Day Tour by Plane

245 $

215 $

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200 $

195 $

195 $

[infobox type=”info” clickable=”yes” boldtext=”Note”]Russian, English and Italian speaking guides are available Please make your booking two days in advance[/infobox]