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Jeep Safari

White Canyon

Jeep Safari to one of the most beautiful canyons in Sinai, the White Canyon is a water-carved sandstone chute with dramatic cliffs rising up to 25m high. There are panoramic views of the oasis of Ein Hudra from the end of the canyon.

The Oasis of Ein Hudra

Surrounded by white sandstone mountains, the lush Oasis of Ein Hudra is an ideal location for pausing to rest and recuperate. Close by you’ll find the Rock of Inscriptions, where Nabateans, Greeks, Romand, Byzantines and Crusaders have all left their mark.

Narrow Canyon

With high sandstone walls rising above a snaking path, the Narrow Canyon is an ideal place to appreciate the silence and wilderness of the Sinai Desert. It is also the unusual location for an art exhibition: an unknown artist has carved some of the rocks into sculptural forms.


Morning: the trip starts at 8am and our first stop will be at an observation point at Wadi Ghazala, with panoramic views of the surrounding desert. We continue driving to reach the start of our hike through the White Canyon.

Lunch: after hiking through the canyon we reach the Oasis of Ein Hudra, where we stop for lunch, and a look around the Oasis.

Afternoon: after lunch we will hike through the Narrow Canyon, before meeting out jeep and returning to Dahab in time for dinner.

Price Includes:

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  • Transportation
  • Guide (English speaking)
  • Picnic lunch and drinking water




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Jeep Safari

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