Camel and Snorkeling Safari in Dahab

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Ras Abu Galum

Declared a protectorate in 1992 and covering a territory of 500 square kilometres, Ras Abu Galum contains some of Sinai’s richest wildlife. The spectacular coastal path, with sea to the one side and mountains to the other, is accessible only on foot or by camel. This remote and wild area is a wonderfully unspoilt haven for snorkellers and divers.

The Blue Hole and El Bells

Snorkellers can enter at El Bells, a few minutes’ walk from the Blue Hole, and swim down to the Blue Hole past a stunning vertical wall of coral, to the Bridge. This dip in the reef swarms with colourful fish and allows access to the Blue Hole. This spectacular hole in the reef plunges to more than 80m and has some of the clearest, deepest blue water that you’ll ever see.


Morning: we drive to the Blue Hole and climb a small hill to enjoy panoramic views, before meeting our cameleers and camels. We ride for about 8km along the coastal path, enjoying the breathtaking mountain scenery and the view over the beach of Ras Abu Galum and the Bedouin village of El Omeyid. We break for our first snorkelling stop and tea.
Lunch: heading further north, we come the tent of our host, Awad Abu Amer, where we stop for a Bedouin-style lunch.
Afternoon: after lunch, we snorkel in front of our tent, in a small sandy lagoon, before heading back to the Blue Hole and bidding our camel’s farewell. We have plenty of time for a final snorkelling expedition at the Blue Hole; starting from El Bells should you choose, before driving back to Dahab.

Price Includes:

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  • Transportation
  • Camels
  • Lunch & drinking water
  • Snorkelling equipment




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Ras Abu Gallum Camel and Snorkeling Safari 

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