Bedouin Dinner in Dahab

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Surrounded by mountains and accessible by jeep, camel, or horse, Wadi El Tulyat is the perfect place to experience the peace of the desert and the warmth of Bedouin hospitality. This Bedouin encampment consist of colorful tents and blazing open fires, where there is always a private corner should you wish for peace, or Bedouin musicians if you are looking for entertainment.

You are invited to come for dinner, which may be cooked in several traditional ways. The mandee is when food is covered and placed underground for about three hours where the flavours can intensify and the food cook through. Or your Bedouin hosts will cook your food on an open fire in front of you. You can choose from a number of drinks on offer, including of course Bedouin tea, with its delicious taste of sage. After dinner, relax close to the crackling fire, with a shisha and a clear view of the stars.


At sunset we head out to Wadi El Tulyat, which is about a 20 minute drive. You can choose to ride part of the way by camel or horses, or remain in the jeep. Then we cook you a wonderful Bedouin dinner of meat or fish, with vegetables.

You can relax and enjoy the silence and magnificence of the desert, before heading back to Dahab later in the evening. Or if you would like to spend a night under the stars, you can remain at the wadi and leave the next day. The choice is yours.

Price Includes:

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  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Drinks (selected)




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Bedouin Dinner

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